About me

With a keen eye for detail and refined elegance, and a passion for beautiful materials created by designers from diverse cultural backgrounds, I am drawn to surprising combinations of materials crafted into striking pieces of jewelry and accessories. 

My dive into this exciting, creative and enchanting world of fashion and design, has led me on fifteen year journey across Africa, Asia and South America. This in turn, has naturally inspired me to launch my own concept store.

Christine’s opened in 2013 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the gateway city for visitors to the world-famous Angkor Wat temples. Frequented regularly by local and international clienteles, the boutique-apartment housed my unique collection of selected creations by regional and faraway designers. Christine’s selection ranged from unique jewelry pieces, accessories and clothes, to decorative items. This joyful space also hosted curated art exhibits and gatherings. Committed to artistic talent, creativity, originality and quality, Christine’s established itself as a wonderful boutique renown beyond Cambodian borders.

Craving a new adventure I, along with my partner Regis, embarked on a journey to Colombia’s capital city. Our immersion into Bogota’s vibrant culture allowed us to discover new forms of art, crafts and colours…    

Christine’s spirit is now being launched and displayed online, presenting my favourite selection of curated pieces created by exceptional jewelry and accessory designers. Meticulously crafted, these limited-edition quality pieces capture the essence of the artist’s distinguished talents, creativity, originality and class.  

Christine’s online, exceeds beyond its global showcase of fine and high-end products. I also support international designers wanting to develop their brands. My past experiences with The Conran Shop and Modénature, as well as my international contacts and networks, open up unique set of opportunities and far-reaching visibility for designers who share my vision of fashion: exquisite attention to detail, unique personality and know-how. 

© Antoine Tempé